Dynamically Modifying Event Registration

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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If you register for events dynamically, you can modify the registration information to change when LabVIEW registers events and the objects for which LabVIEW generates events. For example, you can dynamically register for a Mouse Move event on a front panel control, and you can modify the registration so that LabVIEW generates this event only if the user clicks a certain button first.

Note Note  You cannot modify statically registered events at run time.

Complete the following steps to modify registration information:

  1. Create a placeholder for the event you want to occur only under certain circumstances.
  2. Design an event case to specify when you want LabVIEW to register for the event.
  3. Unregister for the event before you unregister for all events.


Refer to the labview\examples\Dialog and User Interface\Events\Events.lvproj for examples of dynamically registering events.


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