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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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You cannot edit the label of a subVI. However, as you create VI descriptions, you can edit function labels to reflect the use of the function on the block diagram. For example, you can use the label of an Add function to document what quantities are added or why they are added at that point on the block diagram.

Tip  Owned labels cannot be edited at run time. If you want to programmatically edit these labels, replace each label with a caption. Captions look the same and can be edited at run time.

Complete the following steps to edit a free or owned label.

  1. If necessary, right-click the object and select Visible Items»Label from the shortcut menu to display the label. The labels for structures, functions, constants, and wires are not visible by default.
  2. Use the Labeling tool to click the label and highlight the text you want to edit. Double-click the label to highlight a word or triple-click the label to highlight the entire label. If automatic tool selection is enabled, double-click the label to switch to the Labeling tool and highlight the text you want to edit.
  3. Edit the label text. You can press the <Enter> key on the keyboard to add a new line.
Note  (Linux) When editing any control with text in it, such as a text label, you can use the middle mouse button to paste the most recently highlighted text without having to copy or cut the text first.
  1. Click anywhere outside the label to complete the edit operation. You also can click the Enter button on the toolbar, press the <Enter> key on the numeric keypad, or press the <Ctrl-Enter> keys on the keyboard. (Mac OS X) Press the <Option-Enter> keys. (Linux) Press the <Alt-Enter> keys.

    When the text of the owned label changes, LabVIEW must recompile the VI and possibly recompile the VI callers.
Note  You can complete edit operations with the <Enter> key on the keyboard if you place a checkmark in the End text entry with Enter key checkbox in the Environment page of the Options dialog box.


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