Selecting Objects

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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For many editing operations, such as moving, copying, and deleting, you must select an object. Clicking an unselected object or clicking an open area deselects everything currently selected. You cannot select a front panel object and a block diagram object at the same time.

Complete the following steps to select an object.

  1. Move the Positioning tool until the point of the arrow is on the object you want to select. If automatic tool selection is enabled, you can press the <Shift> key to temporarily switch to the Positioning tool.
  2. Click the mouse button. A moving dashed outline called a marquee highlights the object.

You also can create a selection rectangle around the object(s).

Complete the following steps to create a selection rectangle.

  1. Use the Positioning tool to click an open area in the front panel window or block diagram window.
  2. Drag diagonally until the selection rectangle includes or touches all the objects you want to select. However, the selection rectangle must completely enclose hollow objects, such as an empty cluster. Most objects are selected if the selection rectangle includes any part of them.

Press the <Shift> key and click objects to select additional objects or deselect an object.

If automatic tool selection is enabled, you must deselect the object the cursor is over to switch from the Positioning tool to another tool.


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