Data Change Event

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Requires: Base Development System

Class: FacadeVI Events

Type: Notify

Generated on the Facade VI when the value of the XControl changes as a result of writing to its terminal, local variable, or Value property. LabVIEW calls the Facade VI with the new value.

The Data Change event is not generated when the values of controls on the Facade VI change. Add a Value Change event to the Facade VI for these controls.

Note  LabVIEW does not call the Facade VI on every write to the terminal or local variable. LabVIEW calls the Facade VI when the XControl requires an update. You cannot build an XControl that logs data written to its terminal because not every value is reported to the Facade VI. Use the Value (Signaling) property to write values if you want the Facade VI to update on every value written to the XControl.

Event Data Fields

SourceSource of the event. LabVIEW UI refers to any built-in user interface event.

TypeType of event that occurred, such as Mouse Down, Value Change, Timeout, and so on.
TimeValue of the millisecond timer when the event occurred.
VIRefReference to the VI on which this event occurred.


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