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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Requires: Base Development System

Inherits from Generic»GObject»Control. View the class hierarchy.

Allow DroppingIf TRUE, the control automatically accepts paths dragged to it, including the LV_PATH data type from drag and drop events. The LV_PATH data type is of type path. If FALSE, LabVIEW does not automatically accept any drops, including from the operating system, at run time. LabVIEW returns error 1157 if you set this property on an indicator. Details
Browse Button:DisabledSpecifies whether the browse button of a path control can be operated. Details
Browse Button:VisibleSpecifies if the path control browse button is visible. Details
Browse OptionsSet or get the file dialog box options. The options include prompt, mode, start path, and button text. Details
Browse Options:Button TextSpecifies the label to display in the file dialog box for the accept or OK button. If you do not specify a label, the button text defaults to OK. Details
Browse Options:Match PatternSet or get the match pattern string of the browse dialog box. Details
Browse Options:Pattern LabelLabel to display in the file dialog box next to the custom pattern. Use the Browse Options:Match Pattern property to set a custom pattern. Details
Browse Options:PromptSet or get the prompt string of the browse dialog box. Details
Browse Options:Selection ModeSet or get the selection mode of the browse dialog box. Details
Browse Options:Start PathSet or get the start path of browse dialog box. Details
Default ValueGets or sets the default value of the path control. Details
Path TextReference to the path text. Details
Path Too Long To FitSpecifies how to display a path that is too long to fit in the path control or indicator. LabVIEW applies the value of this property only if the scrollbar of the control or indicator is hidden. Details
Scrollbar VisibleDisplays a vertical scroll bar for a path object. Details
Shows Abbreviated Behavior?Returns whether the referenced path control or indicator is currently abbreviating the path. This property returns FALSE if the object is set to clip the path, if the scrollbar is visible, or if the path fits in the path object. Details
SizeWidth and height in pixels of the frame around the text area of the path control, not including the browse button. Details
Size:HeightHeight of the path control in pixels. Details
Size:WidthWidth of the path control in pixels. Details
ValueValue of the path control. Details
Value (Signaling)Sets the value of the control and generates a Value Change event. Details


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