SceneWindow Methods

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Requires: Base Development System

Inherits from Scene. View the class hierarchy.

AutoFocusPositions the camera to view all 3D scene objects. Use this method to automatically focus and render the scene in an exterior window. Details
PickCreates a ray that originates at the specified point and returns an array of node paths for objects that intersect that ray. Details
Projection:FrustumSets coordinates to render the scene in a frustum-shaped view. This projection causes objects farther from the camera to appear smaller. Details
Projection:OrthographicSets coordinates to render the scene in a box-shaped view. The distance of the camera from the objects does not affect the size of the objects in this view. Details
Projection:PerspectiveSets coordinates to render the scene in a frustum-shaped view, where you specify an angle for the horizontal and vertical viewing fields. This projection causes objects closer to the camera to appear larger in size. This method is similar to the Projection:Frustum method. Details
RedrawRedraws the 3D scene in the scene window. Details
Render to ImageReturns an image of the scene. Details
Setup CameraSpecifies the position of the camera relative to the scene. Details
WindowToObjectCoordsConverts a point in window coordinates to points in object coordinates on the near and far clip planes. Details


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