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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Requires: Base Development System

Inherits from Generic»GObject»Control»PageSelector. View the class hierarchy.

Allow Multiple ColorsAllows different colors on each tab control page. Details
Allow Multiple RowsIf TRUE, LabVIEW arranges any tabs that extend beyond the width of the tab control into an additional row of tabs. If FALSE, LabVIEW displays navigation buttons on the upper right of the tab control, which you use to scroll through tabs that are not visible. Details
Auto Grow?Specifies if you can auto grow the tab control. Details
ColorsGets or sets the colors for the foreground and background of the tab control. Details
Colors:BG ColorGets or sets the background color of the tab control. Details
Colors:FG ColorGets or sets the foreground color of the tab control. Details
Fixed Tab DimensionGets or sets the tab width, height, or all elements. Details
Fixed Tab Dimension:HeightGets or sets tab height when using fixed tab sizes. Details
Fixed Tab Dimension:WidthGets or sets tab width when using fixed tab sizes. Details
Justify TabsIf TRUE, LabVIEW stretches each row of tabs to fill the entire width of the tab control. Details
Page Labels Display Visible?Specifies if the page labels display are visible. Details
Tab Control Pane DimensionGets or sets the width and height of the tab control pane. Details
Tab Control Pane Dimension:HeightGets or sets the tab pane height. Details
Tab Control Pane Dimension:WidthGets or sets the tab pane width. Details
Tab IntoIf TRUE, the key focus rotates through the contents of the tab control when you press the <Tab> key. Details
Tab LayoutGets or sets the tab layout. Valid values are 0 (Text Only), 1 (Image Only), 2 (Text - Image), and 3 (Image - Text). Details
Tab LocationGets or sets the tab location. Valid values are Top, Bottom, Left, and Right. Details
Tab SizeGets or sets how LabVIEW adjusts the size of the tabs. Details
Tabs Visible?Specifies if the tabs are visible. Details


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