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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Requires: Base Development System

Inherits from Generic»GObject»Decoration. View the class hierarchy.

Attached ObjectGets or sets the reference to a block diagram object to which a text label is attached. This property only works with free labels on the block diagram. Details
Document BoundsReturns the size required to display the entire text. Details
Document Bounds:HeightReturns the height required to display the entire text. Details
Document Bounds:WidthReturns the width required to display the entire text. Details
FontCluster of font name, size, bold, italic, underline, strikeout. Details
Font:BoldIndicates whether the text is bold. Details
Font:ColorSets the color of the currently selected text. You can use the Selection property to select a subset of a string. Details
Font:ItalicIndicates whether the text is italic. Details
Font:NameFont name. Predefined font names include App Font, Sys Font, and Dlg Font. If you provide an empty string, this property returns an error. Details
Font:SizeFont size. Details
Font:StrikeoutIndicates whether the text is in the strikeout font. Details
Font:UnderlineIndicates whether the text is underlined. Details
JustificationGets and sets the justification of text. Details
LockLocks the label or caption to the owning control, indicator, or terminal. You cannot set this property on text fields that are not labels or captions, such as Boolean text, numeric text, free labels, and so on. This property is similar to the Lock Label option in the shortcut menu. Details
Scroll PositionPosition of the scroll box in the scroll bar. Details
SelectionText selection specified in terms of character positions for the beginning of selection (inclusive) and end of selection (not inclusive). If you set the start and end to be the same, LabVIEW inserts a caret into the text. Details
Selection:EndAllows you to select the end point of text in a text string. Details
Selection:StartCharacter position for the beginning of selection (inclusive). Details
Size to Text?Sets whether the size of the text object changes according to the text included. You can write this property only for free labels, control labels, and captions. Details
TextText as displayed in the front panel object. For example, if you set a string control to use Password Display, this property returns the password string, such as ****, not the Normal Display of the string. Details
Text ColorsChanges the foreground and background color of a text string. Details
Text Colors:BG ColorBackground color of text object. Details
Text Colors:Text ColorText color for all fonts in the text. Details
Vertical ArrangementGets and sets the vertical arrangement for the text. You can set the vertical arrangement for labels, captions, and free labels. Details


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