Licensing, Evaluation, and Activation

Measurement Studio 2012 for Visual Studio 2010 Help

Edition Date: August 2012

Part Number: 372636F-01

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National Instruments licensing is the mechanism that Measurement Studio uses to allow you to evaluate software before purchase or to use software that you have purchased. When you use licensed National Instruments software, the software checks the license state to determine whether you are authorized to use the software.

Activation is the mechanism that National Instruments uses to verify that you have purchased a license for a particular machine or user and to set the license state accordingly. National Instruments uses activation to better support evaluation of our software, switching between editions, and centralized volume license management in large organizations. You can use activation to manage and upgrade your software installations.

In This Section

Licensing Measurement Studio
Describes best practices for using licensed Measurement Studio .NET components.
Evaluating Measurement Studio
Describes how you can evaluate a fully featured version of Measurement Studio with all features enabled before purchasing Measurement Studio.
Activating Measurement Studio
Describes how to activate or change editions of Measurement Studio.

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