Deploying Measurement Studio Web Applications

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Edition Date: August 2012

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Note: This topic applies to the following Measurement Studio editions: Enterprise and Professional.

To deploy a Measurement Studio Web application, you must transfer the application files to the Web server that will host the application. You can deploy a Web application by using the XCOPY command-line tool, the Copy Web Site Tool, or the Publish Web Site Tool.

For information about using XCOPY deployment, refer to Walkthrough: Deploying an ASP.NET Web Application Using XCOPY in the Microsoft Visual Studio documentation.

For information about using the Copy Web Site Tool, refer to Walkthrough: Copying a Web Site Using the Copy Web Site Tool in the Microsoft Visual Studio documentation.

For information about using the Publish Web Site Tool, refer to Walkthrough: Deploying a Web Site Project by Using the Publish Web Site Tool in the Microsoft Visual Studio documentation.

Use the table in Measurement Studio .NET XCOPY Deployment Files to determine the necessary files to include when deploying your Web application.

Note: For legal information concerning the deployment of applications built with Measurement Studio, refer to the Application Deployment section of the National Instruments General Purpose Software License Agreement at

Deploying with Device Drivers

If your Web application uses National Instruments device drivers you must install them with your application. These drivers can be found on the NI Device Drivers DVD that ships with Measurement Studio or any later version of the Device Drivers DVD. To install these drivers, insert the DVD and run setup.exe, then follow the wizard to install the drivers necessary for your application. You do not need to install the Measurement Studio support. For your application to function properly, you need to install only the run-time components of the necessary drivers.

Licensing Your Web Application

When you deploy your Measurement Studio Web application, your application must be properly licensed.

Note: You cannot use the Web Forms Designer to modify a Web application developed with Measurement Studio 2010 on the Web server that is hosting the application unless Measurement Studio 2010 is installed and activated on the Web server. In Measurement Studio 2009, you could use a run-time license on the Web server to modify a Web site using the Web Forms Designer. Modifying a Measurement Studio Web application created with any version of Measurement Studio on a Web server that does not have Measurement Studio installed and activated is disallowed by the NI License Agreement.

Automatically Licensing Your Web Application Using Visual Studio

ASP.NET projects automatically generate a .licx file. Visual Studio uses this .licx file to generate a resource file that contains the component licenses. Visual Studio embeds this resource file into a App_Licenses.dll, which is included in the application's bin directory. Before you deploy your application, check the bin directory to ensure the App_Licenses.dll file is there. If the App_Licenses.dll file does not exist, right-click the Licenses.licx file and select Build Runtime Licenses.

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