Creating Projects with Measurement Studio Core

Measurement Studio 2012 for Visual Studio 2010 Help

Edition Date: August 2012

Part Number: 372636F-01

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This section provides detailed information about the Measurement Studio Core tools that you can use to quickly and easily build measurement and automation applications in Visual Studio. Measurement Studio Core includes all features and functionality available with installation of Measurement Studio .NET class libraries from the Measurement Studio installation media. Measurement Studio Core does not include .NET class libraries that support NI hardware. For more information about Core libraries, refer to Using Core .NET Libraries.

Note: The Measurement Studio tools that integrate into the Visual Studio environment, such as project wizards, the DAQ Assistant, and the Parameter Assistant, report unexpected errors to the system event log. If you see unexpected behavior using these Measurement Studio tools, use the Event Viewer application to look at the system log to determine whether Measurement Studio detected unexpected errors. To view the system event log, open the Control Panel. Double-click Administrative Tools and Event Viewer to launch the Event Viewer application. In the Event Viewer application, select the Application log. Click Source in the event log viewer and look for Measurement Studio in the Source field.

In This Section

Measurement Studio Menu
Describes each menu item.
Measurement Studio Toolbox
Describes how to use the Toolbox to add Measurement Studio controls to a Windows Forms or Web Forms project.
Creating a New Measurement Studio Project
Explains how to use Measurement Studio project templates and wizard to quickly create a new Measurement Studio project.
Adding or Removing Measurement Studio Class Libraries
Explains how to add or remove Measurement Studio class libraries from an existing project.
Setting Measurement Studio Preferences
Describes how to configure Measurement Studio preferences in Visual Studio.
Selecting a DataSocket Parameter Value
Explains how to use the Measurement Studio Parameter Assistant to discover and complete parameter values for DataSocket methods.
Using Instrument Drivers in Measurement Studio Applications
Explains how you can use IVI and VXI plug&play instrument drivers in Measurement Studio Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET applications to communicate with instruments such as digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, switches, function generators, and power supplies.
Developing TestStand Code Modules
Describes the TestStand support for Visual Studio that is available in Measurement Studio.
Updating Measurement Studio .NET Applications
Describes how to update an outdated Measurement Studio .NET application.
Updating Measurement Studio ASP.NET Web Forms Applications
Describes how to update an outdated Measurement Studio ASP.NET Web Forms application on a machine that has the current version of Measurement Studio.
Measurement Studio Assemblies and the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile
Describes how to update the target framework setting for your project to .NET Framework 4 because Measurement Studio assemblies do not work with projects that have the target framework set to .NET Framework 4 Client Profile.
Manually Setting Up Measurement Studio Integration
Describes Measurement Studio integration installation and how to manually set up Measurement Studio integration.


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