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Measurement Studio 2012 for Visual Studio 2010 Help

Edition Date: August 2012

Part Number: 372636F-01

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If you want to explore the features and functionality of Measurement Studio before activating it, you can install Measurement Studio for evaluation. If you create a User Profile on ni.com, the evaluation period lasts for 45 days. If you choose not to create a ni.com User Profile, the evaluation period is limited to 7 days.

When you choose to evaluate rather than activate Measurement Studio, the Measurement Studio Enterprise license type enters the evaluation state. When you use a licensed Measurement Studio feature, that feature exhibits evaluation behavior. The evaluation period begins the first time you use a Measurement Studio licensed feature, including launching Visual Studio when Measurement Studio Visual Studio-integrated tools are installed. After the evaluation period, if you do not activate it, the Enterprise license type enters the invalid state.

When you use a Measurement Studio licensed feature during the evaluation period, Measurement Studio displays the Measurement Studio Licensing and Activation dialog box no more than once per day.

Assemblies that that you build during the evaluation period, which reference Measurement Studio licensed class libraries, will always exhibit evaluation behavior, even after you activate Measurement Studio. You must rebuild your assemblies after activating Measurement Studio to get fully enabled behavior.

Refer to Licensed Feature Behavior for information on the evaluation behavior of specific Measurement Studio licensed features.

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