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Edition Date: August 2012

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A Measurement Studio license can be in one of the following states, depending on whether you have activated the license, deactivated the license, are able to check out the license from a VLM server, are within the evaluation period for the license, or are outside the evaluation period for the license. The license states are:

  1. Valid—The functionality governed by the license is fully enabled. Licenses are in the Valid state when you activate the software locally or if you are able to check out a license from Volume License Manager.
  2. Evaluation—The functionality governed by the license is enabled for evaluation purposes, during the evaluation period. The Enterprise license is the only license type that can be in the Evaluation state. Refer to Evaluating Measurement Studio for information on the evaluation behavior of different Measurement Studio components.
  3. Invalid—The functionality governed by the license is disabled. Licenses are in the Invalid state when you have not activated the license, you have deactivated the license, you are unable to check out from Volume License Manager, or the evaluation period for the license has expired. Refer to Troubleshooting Measurement Studio Licensing Errors for more information on possible causes of an invalid license.
Note: If you try to use a Measurement Studio integrated tool with a license in the Invalid state, Measurement Studio prompts you to activate your license. If you do not activate the license, the tool does not function. In this case, Measurement Studio prompts you no more than once an hour. Subsequent uses of Measurement Studio integrated tools within the hour fail silently.
Note: Unlicensed class libraries are different from non-licensed class libraries. Unlicensed class libraries are those are able to be licensed, but the license has not been activated, while non-licensed components have no license state. As a result, they do not exhibit the same behavior as licensed components. Refer to Non-Licensed Measurement Studio Components for more information.

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