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Measurement Studio 2012 for Visual Studio 2010 Help

Edition Date: August 2012

Part Number: 372636F-01

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The following table lists the features included in the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Measurement Studio. Refer to for more information about the functionality and features included with each Measurement Studio edition.

Measurement Studio Edition Comparison Chart for Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET
Product Category Feature Measurement Studio
Standard Professional Enterprise
Measurement Studio .NET Class Libraries Standard Analysis1 X    
Professional Analysis1   X  
Enterprise Analysis1     X
Common X X X
DataSocket   X X
Network Variable   X X
Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS)   X X
NI-488.22 X X X
NI-Dmm2 X X X
NI-Rfsa2 X X X
NI-Rfsg2 X X X
Windows Forms controls X X X
ASP.NET Web Forms controls   X X
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) controls3 X X X
Creating Measurement Studio Projects Measurement Studio Menu X X X
Measurement Studio project templates X X X
.NET Instrument Driver Wizard X X X
DAQ Assistant   X X
NI Instrument I/O Assistant   X X
Parameter Assistant   X X
TestStand Visual Studio Integration     X
LabWindows™/CVI™ (FDS)     X

1For more detailed information about the .NET functionality included in NationalInstruments.Analysis, refer to the Analysis help topics, located in the NI Measurement Studio Help table of contents at NI Measurement Studio Help»NI Measurement Studio .NET Class Library»Reference»NationalInstruments.Analysis .

2To use the class libraries that interface to National Instruments device drivers, NI-DAQmx, NI-VISA, etc., you must install the underlying device drivers in addition to the .NET class libraries.

You can run the underlying device driver installers from the NI Device Drivers DVD included with Measurement Studio. Alternatively, refer to NI Drivers and Updates on and enter Device Drivers into the search field to download the latest version of the NI Device Drivers.

3The Measurement Studio WPF writeable graph control is available only in the Professional and Enterprise editions.

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