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Edition Date: August 2012

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How do I activate my software?

Use the NI Activation Wizard to obtain an activation code for your software. You can launch the NI Activation Wizard two ways:

Note: If your software is a part of a Volume License Agreement (VLA), contact your VLA administrator for installation and activation instructions.

What is activation?

Activation is the process of obtaining an activation code to enable your software to run on your computer. An activation code is an alphanumeric string that verifies the software, version, and computer ID to enable features on your computer. Activation codes are unique and are valid on only one computer.

What is the NI Activation Wizard?

The NI Activation Wizard is a part of NI License Manager that steps you through the process of enabling software to run on your machine.

What information do I need to activate?

You need your product serial number, user name, and organization. The NI Activation Wizard determines the rest of the information. Certain activation methods may require additional information for delivery. This information is used only to activate your product. Complete disclosure of National Instruments licensing privacy policy is available at If you optionally choose to register your software, your information is protected under the National Instruments privacy policy, available at

How do I find my product serial number?

Your serial number uniquely identifies your purchase of NI software. You can find your serial number on the Certificate of Ownership included in your software kit. If your software kit does not include a Certificate of Ownership, you can find your serial number on the product packing slip or on the shipping label.

If you have installed a previous version using your serial number, you can find the serial number by selecting the Help»About menu item within the application or by selecting your product within NI License Manager (Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI License Manager). You can also contact your local National Instruments branch.

What is a Computer ID?

The computer ID contains unique information about your computer. National Instruments requires this information to enable your software. You can find your computer ID through the NI Activation Wizard or by using NI License Manager, as follows:

  1. Launch NI License Manager by selecting Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI License Manager.
  2. Click the Display Computer Information button in the toolbar.

For more information about product activation and licensing refer to

How can I evaluate NI software?

You can install and run most NI application software in evaluation mode. This mode lets you use a product with certain limitations, such as reduced functionality or limited execution time. Refer to your product documentation for specific information on the product's evaluation mode.

How do I transfer my software to another computer?

To transfer your software to another computer, install and activate it on the second computer. You are not prohibited from transferring your software from one computer to another and you do not need to contact or inform NI of the transfer. Because activation codes are unique to each computer, you will need a new activation code. Refer to How do I activate my software? section of this topic to learn how to acquire a new activation code and reactivate your software.

How do I deactivate my software?

To deactivate a product and return the product to the state it was in before you activated it, right-click the product in the NI License Manager tree and select Deactivate. If the product was in evaluation mode before you activated it, the properties of the evaluation mode may not be restored.

Can I use a Windows Guest account with NILM?

NI License Manager does not support Microsoft Windows Guest accounts. You must log in to a non-Guest account to run licensed NI application software.

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