.NET Language Compilers and the .licx File

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Edition Date: August 2012

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Microsoft .NET Framework language compilers embed Measurement Studio licenses into your assembly every time you build an assembly that references a Measurement Studio licensed class library. The compilers use License Compiler (Lc.exe) to do this. The input to License Compiler is a licenses.licx file that contains a list of licensed types and the assemblies that contain these licensed types. At compile time, License Compiler obtains licenses from Measurement Studio, which the .NET language compiler embeds into the assembly as a resource. Refer to Measurement Studio Licensed Class Libraries Behavior for more information on Measurement Studio licenses embedded in assemblies and the behavior of Measurement Studio licensed class libraries.

To ensure Measurement Studio licensed class libraries are properly licensed by License Compiler, the contents of the .licx file must be correct.

In This Section

Updating the .licx File with Visual Studio-Integrated Tools
Describes how to use the Measurement Studio Visual Studio-integrated tools to assist you with generating and maintaining the .licx file.
Creating an .licx File Without Visual Studio-Integrated Tools
Describes how to manually generate the .licx file and file entries.
Manually Adding or Updating Entries in an .licx File
Describes how to manually update the .licx file.

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