Comparing Trace Data

LabVIEW 2013 Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 372641C-01

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You can compare two trace sessions of the same trace or different traces by using the Compare Traces window.

  1. Click Compare Traces on the View tab to display the Compare Traces window.
  2. Select the trace sessions you want to compare from the Session Name pull-down menus. If the menus do not contain a session you want to compare and you know the session exists in the current trace, click the refresh button or press <F5> to refresh the Session Name pull-down menu.
    Note  If you want to compare sessions of two different traces, make sure both traces are open.
  3. (Optional) To compare part of a trace session, enter orders of execution of the first and last event you want to compare in the Begin Index or End Index field.
  4. Click Compare in the middle of this window. The Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit loads the trace sessions you selected and starts comparison. After the comparison finishes, the toolkit highlights the differences in the table pane for each selected session.
  5. Click the Next or Previous button to navigate to the next or previous difference.
  6. (Optional) Click a difference to view the details in the details pane for each selected session. You also can use the table pane shortcut menu to navigate to call chain VIs or hide specific columns.

To compare different parts of the same trace, you also can click Split on the View tab to split the current trace into two displays and scroll to the sessions you want to compare in the two displays.

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