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LabVIEW 2013 Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 372641C-01

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The View tab contains the following buttons:

Navigate—Navigates to the specific VI in which the event you select occurs. LabVIEW highlights the associated object when available.
Filter Settings—Displays the Configure Displayed Events dialog box from which you can filter the trace data. This option is available only when the table pane displays events.
Reset Filter—Removes any filters you previously set. This option is available only after you specify filter settings.
Auto Scroll—Specifies whether the display automatically scrolls to show the latest trace data.
Options—Displays the Options dialog box, which you can use to customize the Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit environment and the appearance and behavior of the table pane.
Search—Displays the search bar at the bottom of the table pane. Use the search bar to search the display for specific strings.
Split—Splits the display in the table pane to two sections. Use this button when the trace data is long so that you can view any two parts of the trace data simultaneously. Click the Split image to split the view horizontally. Click the arrow below Split to specify the direction in which the toolkit splits the display. This option is available only when you did not specify any split setting.
Reset Pane—Removes any split setting and displays the trace sessions in one table pane. This option is available only after you split the display.
Compare Traces—Displays the Compare Traces window to compare two trace sessions of one trace or two different traces.


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