Accessing DataFinder Server Edition

LabVIEW 2018 DataFinder Toolkit Help

Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 372745L-01

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The NI DataFinder Server Edition is a ready-to-use solution for the centralized management of large data stores with measurement data and simulation data in different file formats. In the DataFinder Server Edition you define individual DataFinder Servers that you use to search for files, which contain technical data, in specified folders on computers in a network, and to provide clients with the indexed information.

For example, to access a DataFinder Server with LabVIEW, complete the following steps:

  1. Copy the file which contains the connection settings of the DataFinder Server (*.urf) onto the LabVIEW computer.
Note  Click Export Client Configuration to create a file with the connection settings in the DataFinder Manager of the DataFinder Server Edition.
  1. Double-click the urf-file to register the connection settings and the DataPlugins which the DataFinder Server uses on the client computer. A message indicates that the client configuration and the new DataPlugins are registered.
Note  If you use the urf file to import DataPlugins that are already registered on this computer, you can specify whether, in the future, the client uses the imported DataPlugins or the DataPlugins that are already on the computer.
  1. Open LabVIEW with an empty VI.
  2. Open the controls palette in the front panel and select Modern»I/O»DataFinder to add a DataFinder Name Control.

  3. Select the previously registered DataFinder from the list of registered DataFinders, for example, to execute a search on this DataFinder server.

Note  Select Manage DataFinders from the context menu of the controls to delete the DataFinder server or to change the connection settings.


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