Sending and Receiving Messages (WSN)

LabVIEW Wireless Sensor Network Module Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 372802E-01

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The host VI uses the WSN Host API VIs to send messages to and receive messages from the WSN gateway and WSN nodes in the network. You can use debug and user messages with LabVIEW WSN targets.

Debug messages contain run-time error information and are sent by the WSN node to the WSN gateway. You cannot send debug messages from the host.

User messages are reserved for the user. The host VI can send user messages to or receive user messages from the WSN node. To receive user messages from a VI running on a WSN RT gateway, use localhost or as the IP address of the WSN RT gateway.

You can send an unlimited number of user and debug messages in a state. Both user and debug messages are sent immediately.


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