User Memory (WSN)

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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 372802E-01

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You can access a portion of the flash memory on NI WSN nodes, referred to as user memory. Use user memory to store configuration data or other essential information that must persist across power cycles and firmware updates on the WSN node. For example, you can store the sample interval value in user memory, and access this value in the Start case when the WSN node initializes. You also can use user memory to store sensor conversion constants. Send user messages from the host to update configuration data.

Use the User Memory VIs to access data in the user memory sector. National Instruments recommends avoiding data logging to user memory because flash memory has a limited number of read/write cycles (100,000 erase cycles per user memory sector). While you can keep track of the number of erase cycles per user memory sector, the flash memory on a WSN node cannot accommodate heavy read/write traffic. If you continuously log data to user memory, you will likely exceed the specified life of the flash memory before the normal operational life of the WSN node.


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