Backing Up Your NI Real-Time Hypervisor System

NI Real-Time Hypervisor 3.0 Help

Edition Date: January 2013

Part Number: 372833D-01

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National Instruments recommends that you back up your NI Real-Time Hypervisor system using a disk-imaging utility to image the hard drive. Store the image on a spare hard drive that you can swap into the system. You also can store the image on the hard drive of your primary system, but note the risk of losing the image if the hard drive crashes.

Note  If you use a disk-imaging utility, it must image the hard drive bit-for-bit to include the master boot record. If the image does not contain the master boot record, the restored system cannot boot into the Hypervisor.

If you need to restore your NI Real-Time Hypervisor System but you have not created an image of your hard drive, refer to Restoring Your NI Real-Time Hypervisor System.


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