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Edition Date: September 2017

Part Number: 372842N-01

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The NI-XNET Bus Monitor is a universal analysis tool for displaying and logging CAN, LIN, or FlexRay network data. You can display network information in either the most recent data or historical data view. To identify more detailed frame information, you can assign a network database to the NI-XNET Bus Monitor. If a received frame is found in the database, you can display the message name and comment information in the Monitor view or ID Log view as well as display signal data. In addition to the network data, the monitor can provide statistical information. For offline data analysis, you can stream all received network data to disk into a log file. The NI-XNET Bus Monitor supports any NI-XNET device on your local host or remote target with LabVIEW Real-Time installed.

If running the Bus Monitor in the CAN protocol mode, you can transmit an event frame or periodic frame onto the network interactively. This way, you can quickly verify the correct setup of your CAN network and debug your communication with the device under test.

NI-XNET errors that may appear while doing a CAN, LIN, or FlexRay measurement within the Bus Monitor are shown in the main user interface.

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