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NI-XNET Tools and Utilities Help

Edition Date: September 2017

Part Number: 372842N-01

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The NI-XNET Bus Monitor window contains the following tabs:

  • Monitor—Displays the most recent network data.
  • ID Logger—Displays the network data in an historical frame list.
  • Statistics—Displays bus statistics since the start of measurement.
  • Signals—Displays the most recent signal data if a database has been assigned and signals are configured for displaying.
  • Graph—Displays signal data as waveform charts.
  • Transmit—Enables you to send CAN frames using the selected interface and Baud Rate.

Status Bar

The status bar displays basic information about the measurement setup, such as:

  • The selected interface name.
  • The actual bus load in percent (CAN only).
  • The selected baud rate in kBaud (CAN only).
  • The Listen Only mode (on or off).
  • The termination setting (on or off).
  • The ID filtering (activated or deactivated).


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