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Add a model to a system definition file so you can connect the model to other parts of the system and run the model on a hardware target.

If your model is an uncompiled model from The MathWorks, Inc. Simulink® software, you can run it only on a computer that runs the Windows operating system. You must convert a Simulink model into a compiled model to run it on an RT target.

Complete the following steps to add a model to a system definition file:

  1. Display the System Explorer window.
  2. Select Simulation Models in the configuration tree and click the Add a Simulation Model button to display the Add Simulation Model dialog box.
  3. Configure the model using the Add Simulation Model dialog box:
    • On the General page, select the model you want to add.
    • On the Settings page, configure whether the initial state of the model is running or paused, and configure the rate at which the model runs.
    • On the Parameters and Signals page, specify whether to import parameters and signals. Note that importing many parameters and signals can have a negative impact on the performance of the system even if the model is not running, so avoid importing unnecessary items.

Adding Multiple Instances of a Model

VeriStand executes each model in its own loop. If a System Definition contains multiple models that reference the same compiled model, VeriStand makes a temporary copy of the model so each loop has its own compiled model to execute. Adding more than one instance of the same compiled model can cause errors if the model accesses a shared resource, such as a dependant file. Contact your model provider for information about whether the model accesses such resources.

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