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Edition Date: May 2018

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The following example shows an ASAM port configuration file for both the Model Access Port (MAPort) and the Electrical Error Simulation Port (EESPort). You must create an ASAM port configuration file before you can use the NI VeriStand ASAM XIL Interface.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


    <Version Major="2018" Minor="0" Fix="0" Build="0">

<!-- The following code references the Testbench Test example project. Replace the following path with the path to your NI VeriStand project. -->






       <HWTriggerChannel>Targets/Controller/User Channels/HWTrigger</HWTriggerChannel>



       <SWTriggerChannel AutoReset="true">Targets/Controller/User Channels/SWTrigger</SWTriggerChannel>









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