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Edition Date: May 2018

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In the System Explorer window, under a DAQ device that contains analog input channels, select the Analog Input section to display this page. Use this page to configure how the analog input channels acquire data.

This page includes the following options:

  • Section Specification—Includes the following components you can use to name and describe the section:
    • Name—Specifies the name of the section. The name you specify replaces the current name in the configuration tree.
    • Description—Specifies a description for the section.
  • Acquisition Settings—Includes the following components that control how the analog input channels acquire data:
    • Sample Mode—Specifies whether the AI channels acquire samples one point at a time or as a waveform. You can configure a DAQ device to perform single-point or waveform acquisitions, but not both.
    • Analog Input Task—Lists tasks from the system definition you can apply to analog input channels whose sample mode is Waveform. You must select a task for waveform acquisitions. Otherwise, the System Explorer contains an error, and the device will not acquire data when you run the project.
      Tip  Select Create new to display the Create DAQ Task dialog box, where you create a new task that NI VeriStand assigns to the current device.
    • Slow Background Conversion Mode—Contains the following options for configuring a custom single-point sampling rate for the current DAQ device:
      • Enable—Specifies to read from AI channels at the Sample rate you specify. This option is useful for certain NI-DAQ SC Express devices that acquire data at a much slower rate than other DAQ devices in the system. It allows a slower device, such as a thermocouple device, to run at its own sampling rate rather than the rate determined by the chassis master hardware synchronization device for the system.
      Note  This option is disabled if at least one of the following conditions is true:
      • The Sample Mode on this page is set to Waveform. Only devices that perform single-point AI acquisitions can operate in this mode.
      • Hardware-timed single-point sampling is disabled for the AI channels. Configure this setting on the DAQ Device configuration page.
      • This device is set to be the chassis master hardware synchronization device.
      • Sample rate (Hz)—Specifies the rate at which to acquire from AI channels. The default, -1, means to acquire at the maximum sampling rate for the device.

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