Editing NI-XNET Databases

NI VeriStand 2018 Help

Edition Date: May 2018

Part Number: 372846M-01

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After you add an NI-XNET database, you can edit the database directly from NI VeriStand using the NI-XNET Database Editor. The NI-XNET Database Editor is a small standalone tool for creating and maintaining embedded network databases. You can use the editor to:

  • Configure the basic network.
  • Define frames and signals exchanged on the network.
  • Assign frames to ECUs that send and receive them.
Note  The NI-XNET Database Editor cannot open LIN description files (.ldf) or FIBEX databases with LIN content.

The editor also includes its own help file which you can access from the tool by selecting Help»Search Online Help.

Accessing the Editor

Complete the following steps to edit an NI-XNET database from NI VeriStand.

  1. In the System Explorer window configuration tree, navigate to Targets»Controller»XNET Databases.
  2. Select the database you want to edit and click the Launch XNET Database Editor toolbar button () to display the editor.
  3. Use the editor to make changes to the database.
  4. Select File»Save to save the database file.
  5. Close the editor to return to NI VeriStand.
  6. In the configuration tree, select the database again and click the Refresh Databases toolbar button () to reload the database in NI VeriStand.
    Note  If you refresh a database from which you previously added signals, NI VeriStand prompts you to delete the following signals from the system definition file: any signals removed from the database and multiplexed signals that changed in the database. You must reimport the changed multiplexed signals to ensure NI VeriStand reads them correctly.

You also can access the NI-XNET Database Editor from a frame section (Incoming, Single-Point, and so on) or frame under any NI-XNET port you add to NI VeriStand. Select the section or frame to display the Launch XNET Database Editor button and access the database associated with the port.


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