NI VeriStand Operator License

NI VeriStand 2018 Help

Edition Date: May 2018

Part Number: 372846M-01

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Activate this license to create, configure, and/or deploy a project file, and to deploy a preconfigured system definition file to a desktop PC or a real-time target.

The NI VeriStand Operator License enables you to configure a project file by defining the available users and their permissions, determining which preconfigured system definition file runs on the target, and defining the test environment with which an operator interacts, including the user interface you view in the Workspace window and the list of tools you can launch from the Tools menu of the Workspace window. This license also grants the ability to develop and run stimulus profiles and to run your simulation models, but it does not grant the ability to perform any development tasks using the System Explorer window.

Refer to for more information about activating NI VeriStand licenses.


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