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Edition Date: May 2018

Part Number: 372846M-01

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The following table describes channels you can use with waveform tasks that control waveform acquisitions by DAQ devices.

Note  You can write to all of these channels at run time.
Channel Name Purpose Location in System Explorer configuration tree
Task Enabled Sets whether the task is in an active, running state. Notice that enabling a task does not necessarily start acquiring samples. If you configure a trigger, a waveform is not acquired until a trigger is detected even if the value of this channel is TRUE.

NI VeriStand resets the value to FALSE after an acquisition ends unless the task is finite and the Retriggerable channel is TRUE.
Always available under each task.
Logging Enabled Specifies whether logging occurs during acquisitions. Under Logging section when Allow TDMS logging checkbox on that page contains checkmark.
Start New File When TRUE, closes the current log file and starts logging the waveform to a new .tdms file. After the system reads a TRUE value, NI VeriStand resets the channel value to FALSE. Under Logging section when Allow TDMS logging checkbox on that page contains checkmark.
Retriggerable Specifies whether a finite task will automatically restart itself and wait for a new trigger when the acquisition is complete. If the value of this channel is FALSE, you must manually restart the task with the Task Enabled channel. Under Triggers section when Acquisition mode on task configuration page is Finite.
Start Trigger When TRUE, serves as a software start trigger and begins an acquisition. Under Triggers section when the Trigger type on that page is Software.

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