Workspace Window

NI VeriStand 2018 Help

Edition Date: May 2018

Part Number: 372846M-01

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Click the Run Project button on the Getting Started window to display this window. You also can launch the Workspace window from the Project Explorer window by double-clicking the .nivsscreen filename node underneath the Workspace node in the tree.

Use this window to run a project, view and modify the user interface with which an operator interacts, and to perform various operations such as monitoring alarms, viewing channel data, scaling and calibrating channels, and running stimulus profiles.

The Workspace window contains one or more screens that serve as the user interface for the project. You configure a Workspace window screen by adding controls and indicators and mapping them to channels while the Workspace window is in edit mode. Select Screen»Edit Mode or press the <Ctrl+M> keys to toggle between run and edit mode. When the Workspace window is in edit mode, an alignment grid appears on the Workspace window screens.

Note  You also can map controls and indicators to channels at run time.

The Tools menu can contain several different options depending on how you configure the project. Use items in the Tools menu to monitor alarms, monitor CAN bus operation, view channel data, scale and calibrate channels, manage model parameters, insert faults, run stimulus profiles, view TDMS files, and view the console output of the target.


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