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Edition Date: May 2018

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After you plan, implement, and create build specifications for a custom device, you must build the device for distribution to NI VeriStand. When you build a custom device, the Build Specifications item in the LabVIEW project always must include two source distributions: Configuration and Engine. The Custom Device Template Tool creates and configures these source distributions automatically when you create the custom device project.

However, if you add additional VIs or other dependencies after running the Custom Device Template Tool, you will need to update the source distributions accordingly. Use the Source Files page of the Source Distribution Properties dialog box to add files to a source distribution. Use the Destinations page to configure the destination type and path. For a custom device, Destination type always is LLB.

The process for building the source distribution for a custom device is the same as the process for building any source distribution in LabVIEW. Refer to the LabVIEW Help for general information about building source distributions.

Caution  When configuring the build specification for a custom device, do not select the Modify project library file after removing unused members option on the Additional Exclusions page. This option can cause an error when you load the custom device in NI VeriStand.

Requirements for Custom Device Build Specifications

The following list describes the requirements for configuring the build specifications for the two required source distributions:

  • You must include the Custom Device XML file in the Configuration source distribution.
  • All dependency files that the custom device accesses on the target must exist in the LabVIEW project and appear in the Always Included list for the appropriate source distribution.
  • Both source distributions must use the same Destination Directory. Using one directory makes it easier to distribute the built device.

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