Creating a Custom Device with the Custom Device Template Tool

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Edition Date: May 2018

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Parent Topic: Implementing a Custom Device

Use the Custom Device Template Tool VI to generate a LabVIEW project from which you can build a custom device that conforms to NI VeriStand guidelines. The generated custom device project includes Initialization, Main Page, RT Driver, and Extra Page VIs, as well as a Custom Device XML file. The project also includes the Custom Device API library and build specifications that are pre-configured to generate the device type you specify.

Complete the following steps to create a LabVIEW custom device project using the Custom Device Template Tool VI:

  1. Browse to the labview>\vi.lib\NI VeriStand\Custom Device Tools\Custom Device Template Tool directory and open Custom Device Template
  2. In Target Folder, enter the path to the folder where you want to save the custom device project.
  3. In Custom Device Name (No Extension), enter a name for the custom device without a file extension. The tool applies this name to the LabVIEW project, the Custom Device library, and the Custom Device XML file.
  4. In Execution Mode, select the type of custom device you want to generate. The execution mode specifies how the custom device executes in the VeriStand Engine.
  5. Leave Open Project set to TRUE to open the LabVIEW project after the tool runs.
  6. (Optional) If you previously generated a project with the same name and you do not want to overwrite the existing project, set Overwrite Existing to FALSE.
  7. (Optional) If you want to create additional configuration pages for items in the custom device, enter names for the pages in Extra Page Names (No Extension). The tool generates Page VIs and GUIDs for every name you enter in this array. The tool also declares each page in the Custom Device XML file.
    Tip  It is easier to remove an extra page than to add one manually after the tool runs. If you are not sure how many extra pages you need, National Instruments recommends adding several. You can remove unnecessary pages from the source distribution before you build and distribute the custom device.
  8. Run the VI to create the custom device project.

After you create the custom device project files using the template tool, you can begin modifying the VIs under Device Name Custom Device.lvlib to configure the custom device.

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