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Parent Topic: Custom Device Framework

When you build a custom device, the Build Specifications item in the LabVIEW project always must include two source distributions: Configuration and Engine.

If you use the Custom Device Template Tool to generate your custom device project, the tool automatically configures the required source distributions:

  • Configuration—Contains the source files that specify the configuration of the custom device when added to a NI VeriStand system definition and define the user interface for the custom device in the System Explorer window. This build specification minimally includes the Initialization VI, Main Page VI, and Custom Device XML file. If you create additional page VIs, you also must include those VIs in the Configuration specification. Also, ensure you include any VIs that the custom device configuration calls dynamically, such as VIs that you associate with custom shortcut menus.
  • Engine—Contains the source files that configure how the custom device runs on the target. This build specification minimally includes the RT Driver VI. This specification also can include additional driver VIs and a timing source VI.

Both build specifications always include the Custom Device library, even though they do not both include every VI within that library.

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Supporting VxWorks

If you want to support VxWorks targets, such as NI CompactRIO, your custom device must also include a third source distribution:

  • Engine (VxWorks)—Contains the source files that configure how the custom device runs on a VxWorks target. You must compile the Engine (VxWorks) library for VxWorks. Refer to the National Instruments website for information on how to compile the Engine (VxWorks) library using the GNU tool chain.

The Custom Device Template Tool does not automatically configure the VxWorks source distribution. You must create it from within the LabVIEW project.

Optional Source Distributions

In most cases, the standard Engine source distribution can work for both Windows and Phar Lap targets. Only VxWorks targets require a separate Engine distribution. However, you also can create a separate Engine distribution for each target. For example, your custom device project can contain all of the following source distributions:

  • Configuration
  • Engine (Windows)
  • Engine (Phar Lap)
  • Engine (VxWorks)

After you configure the source distributions, you can choose between distributing the source files manually or using the LabVIEW Application Builder to build an installer.

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