Planning a Custom Device

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Edition Date: May 2018

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Parent Topic: Creating Custom Devices

Note  This topic is part of the Process for Developing a Custom Device, and it assumes familiarity with that process and the Custom Device Framework.

Before you begin writing the code for a custom device, you must plan the following major components of the device:

  1. Channels and waveforms—The inputs and outputs of the custom device.
  2. Properties—Configuration data for the custom device.
  3. Hierarchy—The organization and appearance of the custom device in the System Explorer window configuration tree.
  4. Pages—The configuration pages that appear in the System Explorer window.
  5. Device Type—The execution mode of the custom device in terms of interaction with the rest of the NI VeriStand system.

If the custom device must interact with unsupported or third-party hardware, you also must consider the availability of drivers and other resources to determine the feasibility of the custom device.

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