ReflectiveMemoryDataChannels Properties

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ReflectiveMemoryDataChannels Class See Also

The ReflectiveMemoryDataChannels type exposes the following members.


BaseNodeType Gets a reference to the internal representation of this node. (Inherited from BaseNode.)
Description Gets or sets the description of this node. (Inherited from BaseNode.)
LogFileProducer Gets a value indicating whether the node is a log file producer (Inherited from BaseNode.)
Name Gets the name of this node. To rename a node, use the RenameNode method. (Inherited from BaseNode.)
NodeID Gets the ID of this node. (Inherited from BaseNode.)
NodePath Gets the path to the node within the system definition file. (Inherited from BaseNode.)
TypeGUID Gets the GUID associated with the node. Attempts to set the GUID of a BaseNode will generate an exception. (Inherited from BaseNode.)

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