LabVIEW Walkthrough: Modifying a DAQ Device in a System Definition File

NI VeriStand 2018 Help

Edition Date: May 2018

Part Number: 372846M-01

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You can use LabVIEW to access the NI VeriStand System Definition .NET API and programmatically configure DAQ devices in a system definition file.

Note  Creating and communicating with .NET objects in LabVIEW requires the .NET CLR 4.0 that installs with LabVIEW. You must use a .NET 2.0 configuration file if you want to load .NET 2.0 mixed-mode assemblies.

The following sections provide an example of using the System Definition API to programmatically configure a DAQ device in a system definition:

As you follow the example, notice that the hierarchy of classes reflect the hierarchy of nodes that appear in the System Explorer window, shown as follows.


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