Project Data, Scan Engine Data, and Device Data

NI-Industrial Communications for DeviceNet 18.0 Help

Edition Date: April 2018

Part Number: 372945J-01

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DeviceNet uses the following kinds of data:

  • Project Data—The LabVIEW project file stores this data. The DeviceNet configuration includes both the master interface settings and connected slave settings. For example, the master baud rate and slave active I/O connection type are stored.
  • Scan Engine Data—The Scan Engine folder stores this data. The folder is on the local host if you install your DeviceNet interface card in the local host. Otherwise, the folder is on the remote real-time controller. The Scan Engine uses this data to access the DeviceNet master interface and slave devices. When you deploy the DeviceNet configuration, you also deploy the Project Data to the Scan Engine Data.
  • Device Data—This data consists of the configuration settings of the master interface and slave devices. It includes the device parameters. When the Scan Engine changes to Active mode, the NI-Industrial Communications for DeviceNet software sets the Scan Engine Data to the Device Data. You can read and write the device parameters in DeviceNet Slave Device Online Test Panel.

In most cases, do not edit the data manually. The NI Scan Engine and the NI-IndCom for DeviceNet software manages the data. Use the following guidelines to ensure proper operation:

  • If you install your DeviceNet interface card on the local host, enable the Scan Engine on the local host.
  • Ensure that your VI calls the Set Scan Engine Mode VI before it uses any I/O variables or function blocks.
  • If a VI uses a function block to access a slave device, you must add the DeviceNet master interface item to the LabVIEW project of this VI.


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