Robotics Project Wizard

LabVIEW 2014 Robotics Module Help

Edition Date: June 2014

Part Number: 372983F-01

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Requires: Robotics Module

Select File»New to open the New dialog box. Expand the Project»Project from Wizard node and select Robotics Project. Then, click the OK button to display this wizard. You also can click the Create Project button on the Getting Started window to launch the Create Project dialog box. Choose Robotics from the Filters tree, select the Robotics Project template in the Project List, and click Finish to launch this wizard.

Use the Robotics Project Wizard to create a new LabVIEW project that includes hardware targets, sensor drivers, and Vis ready to deploy to the targets and host computer.

This wizard contains the following pages and components:

  • Select project type—Lists types of applications you can generate with this wizard, such as Robotics Starter Kit applications and simulation applications.
    Note  If you create a project for a CompactRIO or Single-Board RIO target, pages in the FPGA Project Wizard display to allow you to configure the project for a specific FPGA target. After you select the specific target, this wizard returns to the pages that follow.
  • Enter IP address for the controller—Includes the following component:
    Note  This page displays only if you specify to create the project for Robotics Starter Kit hardware on the previous page.
    • Controller IP address—Specifies the IP address of the controller on the network.
  • Select sensor and actuator drivers—Allows you to select robotics-related sensors and actuators whose drivers you want to include in the project.
    • Available drivers—Displays devices with .mnu files saved in a subdirectory of the labview\instr.lib\_robotics directory. Click the Add Driver button next to the Available drivers list to add driver VIs for selected devices from the Available drivers list. Press the <Shift> key or the <Control> key to select multiple devices.
    • Find More Online—Launches the National Instruments Web site in a Web browser, where you can search for and download drivers.
    • Refresh—Refreshes the list of devices for which you have drivers installed.
    • Selected drivers—Specifies the instrument driver VIs to include in the project. Click the Remove Driver button next to the Selected drivers list to remove selected devices from the list.
  • Select architecture—Lists robotics VI templates that you can include in the project.
  • Enter project name and folder—Includes the following components:
    • Project name—Specifies a name for the new project.
    • Project folder—Specifies the location to save the project files and VIs on the host computer.


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