Overview of Robotics Application Architectures (Robotics Module)

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Edition Date: June 2014

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Programming requirements for robotics applications are highly dependent upon the type of system and application you want to design. Even so, the Robotics Module provides project architectures to serve as starting points for various robot applications. You can use the Robotics Project Wizard to create a project with a particular architecture, and then customize the project to fit a particular system and application.

The Single Control Loop robot architecture in the Robotics Project Wizard serves as a starting point for robots that perform simple, repetitive algorithms. You can insert code for acquiring sensor data, processing data, and controlling the robot inside the Timed Loop.

Refer to the Single Control Loop (Simulated).lvproj in the labview\ProjectTemplates\Source\Robotics\Architecture Templates\Single Control Loop (Simulated) directory for a template of using the Single Control Loop robot architecture.

The Robotics Project Wizard also provides a more advanced Parallel Control Loops architecture that uses multiple Timed Loops to handle different aspects of robot control. For example, the Timed Loops in this example perform the following tasks:

  • Mission planning—Returns a random goal position to which the robot navigates.
  • Path planning—Searches a map of the robot environment to find a path to the goal position.
  • Driving—Simulates the robot moving along the path to reach the goal position.

Refer to the Parallel loop template.lvproj in the labview\ProjectTemplates\Source\Robotics\Architecture Templates\Parallel Loop directory for a template of using the Parallel Control Loop robot architecture.

Communicating Data between Processes

An advanced robot architecture also might include Timed Loops that detect obstacles, control movement, and measure the progress of the robot. Loops can run on different hardware targets, so you must implement communication between processes on different targets as well as between different processes that run on the same target.

Note  Select Help»Find Examples in LabVIEW to launch the NI Example Finder, where you can find specific example architectures. The Robotics category opens automatically.


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