NI System Configuration Concepts

NI System Configuration API 18.0 Help

Edition Date: May 2018

Part Number: 373107N-01

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The NI System Configuration Concepts section provides you with information about the LabVIEW System Configuration API. Following is a brief introduction of the concepts discussed in this manual.

Finding Systems and Hardware—Creates a filter object used to query for specific devices on a system and locates systems and resources on systems.

Deploying System Images—Imports and exports system configuration data to be used in programs such as MAX.

Initialize—Initializes a session for a specified system.

Modifying System State—Use the property nodes and Rename Alias VI to change the state of the system.

Reset and Restart—Returns the device or system to a known initialized state.

Self-Test and Self-Calibrate—Tests and calibrates resources.

Modifying Installed Software—Installs and uninstalls individual pieces of software and software sets.


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