Find Systems (VI)

NI System Configuration API 18.0 Help

Edition Date: May 2018

Part Number: 373107N-01

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Retrieves a list of systems on the network.

Find Systems


Device Class specifies the type of device for which you are searching. Common values are PXI and cRIO . To specify multiple classes, use a comma to separate the values. For a listing of the other available values and an explanation of the intended use, refer to KnowledgeBase article extu82 .


Detect Online Systems detects systems that are online. This option checks for all local online systems by default.

(Real-Time) You must set this parameter to TRUE if you want to return RT targets that are in safe mode and RT targets that do not have NI System Configuration network support installed.

(Windows) Set this parameter to FALSE if you only want to return previously detected results. Setting this parameter to FALSE still returns any current Real-Time targets that are in the Connected - Running system state that also have NI System Configuration network support installed.


Session in specifies the host that will detect the systems. The default is the local system.


Include Cached Results specifies whether to include cached results. This parameter only affects Windows operating systems.

None (0)

includes none of the cached results.

Only if online (1)

includes only the results from systems that are online.

All (3)

(default) includes all of the cached results.


Output specifies the preferred output format of the hostname and IP address for systems on the network. The Initialize Session VI accepts all of these formats.

Note  In some cases this parameter may return a system that is not in the requested format. For example, if you request the default hostname(IP) but an unconfigured system is detected, that system is returned as IP(MAC).
Hostname (16)

includes only the hostname.

Hostname (IP) (18)

(default) includes both the hostname and IP address.

Hostname (MAC) (19)

includes both the hostname and MAC address.

IP (32)

includes only the IP address.

IP (Hostname) (33)

includes both the IP address and hostname.

IP (MAC) (35)

includes both the IP address and MAC address.

MAC (48)

includes only the MAC address.

MAC (Hostname) (49)

includes both the MAC address and hostname.

MAC (IP) (50)

includes both the MAC address and the IP address.


error in (no error) describes error conditions that occur before this node runs. This input provides standard error in functionality.


Timeout is the time in milliseconds that the VI waits before it times out. The default is 4 seconds. In some cases, the operation may take longer to time out.


Only Installable Systems detects only the systems that support the ability to install software remotely. This includes all Real-Time systems.


Session out returns the refnum for the system.


Detected Systems returns a list of systems detected on the network.


This parameter may return some systems that were recently online even if they are no longer present on the network. To determine if the system is online, you can use the System Property Node to return the System Status property or make other application specific API calls.


error out returns error information. This output provides standard error out functionality.


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