NI System Configuration VIs

NI System Configuration API 18.0 Help

Edition Date: May 2018

Part Number: 373107N-01

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Use the System Configuration VIs to gather information and perform tasks programmatically on both local and remote systems. You can find the System Configuration palette on the functions palette under Measurement I/O.

The VIs and functions on this palette can return System Configuration VI status codes.

Note Note  If Measurement I/O does not appear on the functions palette, you can enable it by selecting Customize»Change Visible Palette.
Palette ObjectDescription
CloseCloses the filter, resource, or session.
Find Hardware Returns a list of hardware in a specified system.
Find SystemsReturns a list of systems on the network.
Initialize SessionInitializes a handle to a particular system for further configuration with the System Configuration API.
Hardware ManagementControls hardware on local and remote systems.
Software Management Manages software on local and remote systems.
UtilitiesRun Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) functions and other system configuration utilities.


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