linalgebra (MathScript RT Module Class)

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Edition Date: June 2012

Part Number: 373123C-01

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Requires: MathScript RT Module

Use members of the linalgebra class of MathScript functions to manipulate real and complex matrices.

Function Description
balance Improves the accuracy of eigenvalues and eigenvectors
blockdiag Block diagonal matrix
cat Matrix concatenation
cctranspose Complex conjugate transpose
chol Cholesky decomposition
circularshift Circular shift
companion Companion matrix
cond Condition number using SVD
condeign Condition number using eigenvalues
condestimate Estimate for 1-norm condition number
condrecip Reciprocal condition number
deflate Removes singleton dimensions
det Determinant of a matrix
diag Diagonal matrix or diagonal of a matrix
eig Eigenvectors and eigenvalues
eigsort Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrices
expmx Matrix exponential
expmx_eign Matrix exponential using eigenvectors
expmx_pade Matrix exponential using Pade approximation
expmx_taylor Matrix exponential using Taylor series
findnz Finds all non-zero elements
funmx Computes functions of square matrices
gsvd Generalized singular value decomposition of a matrix pair
hconcatmx Horizontal matrix concatenation
hessenberg Hessenberg form of matrices
linearsolve Solves the linear equation ax = b
logmx Matrix logarithm
lu LU-decomposition of matrices
mirror Flips matrix across dimension
mirrorh Flips matrix left-right
mirrorv Flips matrix up-down
norm Vector/matrix norm
normestimate Euclidean norm estimation
null Null space
numdims Number of dimensions
numelements Number of elements
numnz Number of non-zero elements
nz Non-zero elements
orth Orthogonalization
pinv Pseudoinverse
polyvalmx Matrix polynomial
powermx Matrix power
qr QR decomposition
qz QZ decomposition
rank Matrix rank
reshapemx Reshapes matrix
reverse_vector Reverses vector
rotate90 90-degree rotation of matrices
rref Reduced echelon form
schur Schur decomposition
size Matrix size
sqrtmx Square root of a square matrix
subspaceangle Angle between subspaces
svd Singular value decomposition
trace Matrix trace
transpose Non-conjugate transpose
tril Lower triangular part
triu Upper triangular part
updatechol Cholesky decomposition on rank 1
vconcatmx Vertical matrix concatenation

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