statistics (MathScript RT Module Class)

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Edition Date: June 2012

Part Number: 373123C-01

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Requires: MathScript RT Module

Use members of the statistics class of MathScript functions to perform statistical analysis.

Function Description
corrcoeff Correlation coefficients
covarmx Covariance matrix
crosscorr Cross-correlation
density_kernel Probability density estimate
detrend Removes trend
halton Halton sequence
histogramc Histogram count
histogram Histogram
kurtosis Computes the kurtosis
mean Mean value
median Median value
moment_central Computes moment
movavg Moving average
nchoosek Binomial coefficient
rand Uniformly distributed pseudorandom numbers
randint Generates integers
randnormal Normally distributed pseudorandom numbers
random Distribution-dependent random numbers
randpermutation Random permutation
randsample Random samples from a set
richtmeyer Richtmeyer sequence
skewness Computes the skewness
std Standard deviation
var Variance

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