Step 4 (Optional): Enable Automated Activation for the Add-on (Third Party Licensing & Activation Toolkit)

LabVIEW 2012 Third Party Licensing & Activation Toolkit Help

Edition Date: June 2012

Part Number: 373159C-01

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This task is step 4 in the procedure for applying advanced licensing to a development add-on.

You can allow users to activate an add-on through an automated online process. Automated activation allows users to enter a license ID and password and have the toolkit automatically activated.

Complete the followings steps to enable the automated activation mechanism for an add-on.

Note Note  You must have an Instant SOLO Server account to enable automated activation for an add-on.

Creating a Profile for Automated Activations

  1. Open the SoftwareKey website in a Web browser.
  2. Log in to your Instant SOLO Server account using the account information you received by e-mail after you signed up for an account. Sign up for an account if you do not have one.
  3. Select Authors»Products»Add Product Wizard from the top menubar in the Web page.
  4. On the Add Product Wizard page, enter the name of the add-on in the Product Name text box.
  5. Enter a description of the add-on in the Description text box.
  6. (Optional) Complete the rest of this page as needed for your add-on.
  7. Click the Next button at the bottom of the page to create the product definition.
  8. The Purchasing URLs page opens and displays URLs you can use to direct users to a website where they can order the add-on. Use these URLs later in the licensing process to direct users to web pages where they can purchase the add-on.

Linking the Add-on with the Automated Activation Mechanism

  1. Select Authors»Products»List from the top menubar in the Web page.
  2. Click the name of the add-on to open its profile in SOLO Server.
  3. In the Other Information section, click the Add link.
  4. In the Add Product Option page, enter the name and description of the licensing option.
  5. Select PLUS Single Option from the Product Option Type list.
  6. In the Product Activation & Licensing Details section, enter a trigger code in the Trigger Code # text box. Refer to the EZ Trigger documentation on the SoftwareKey website for a list of trigger codes.
    Note Note  If you enabled hardware binding when you created the product definition in LFEdit, you must select one of the hardware binding trigger codes.
  7. In the Product Activation & Licensing Details section, enter the values for the seeds that you created in LFEdit in the Trigger Code Seed and RegKey 2 Seed text boxes.
  8. (Optional) Complete the rest of this page as needed for the add-on.
  9. Click the Submit button to add the product option.

Now that automated activation mechanism is enabled, in the next step, you can specify that you want LabVIEW to allow users to perform automated online activations of the add-on.

Next Step: Add the License to the Add-on

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