Understanding NI 9201/9221 Scanning (FPGA Interface)

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Edition Date: December 2017

Part Number: 373197L-01

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To scan the channels of the NI 9201/9221, configure an FPGA I/O Node with the channels you want to acquire from the module. The module implements a pipeline that is automatically managed by the FPGA I/O Node. Channels within the FPGA I/O Node are sampled in numerical order regardless of the order they appear in the node.

The first time an FPGA I/O Node configured with channels on an NI 9201/9221 module executes, the module performs two setup conversions before converting the first channel. The two setup conversions prime the pipeline for subsequent FPGA I/O Node reads. The module does not repeat the setup conversions unless the FPGA I/O Node channel configuration changes and the pipeline needs to be primed again.


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