NI 9228 (FPGA Interface)

NI CompactRIO Device Drivers Help

Edition Date: December 2017

Part Number: 373197L-01

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CompactRIO 8-Channel, ±60V 24-Bit Simultaneous Analog Input Module


You can use an FPGA I/O Node, configured for reading, with this device.

Terminals in Software

Use the FPGA I/O Node to access the following terminals for this device.

Terminal Description
AIx Analog input channel x, where x is the number of the channel. The NI 9228 has AI channels 0 to 7.


This device supports only the Arbitrate if Multiple Requestors Only option for arbitration. You cannot configure arbitration settings for this device.

I/O Methods

This device does not support any I/O methods.

Module Methods

This device does not support any module methods.

I/O Properties

This device does not support any I/O properties.

Module Properties

Use the FPGA I/O Property Node to access the following module properties for this device.

Property Description
Conversion Time Sets the time it takes to acquire one point of data from one or more channels in a single FPGA I/O Node. You can select High Speed (1k S/s), Medium Speed (100 S/s), Medium Resolution (50/60Hz rejection – 12 S/s), or High Resolution (50/60Hz rejection – 2 S/s). This property overwrites the value you configure in the C Series Module Properties dialog box.

Returns the conversion time setting when configured to read.
Module ID Returns the module ID, 0x780E.
Serial Number Returns the unique serial number of the module.
Vendor ID Returns the NI vendor ID, 0x1093.

Single-Cycle Timed Loop

This device does not support the single-cycle Timed Loop.


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