NI 9402 (Scan Interface)

NI CompactRIO Device Drivers Help

Edition Date: December 2017

Part Number: 373197L-01

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CompactRIO 4-Channel, LVTTL Digital Input/Output Module

Module I/O Variables

To use I/O from this module in a VI, drag and drop I/O variables from the Project Explorer window to the block diagram of the VI. The I/O variables for the channels read and write Boolean values.

Module Channels

The NI 9402 has the following channels.

Channel Description
DIOx Digital input/output channel x, where x is the number of the channel. For the NI 9402, x is 0 to 3.

C Series Module Properties Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to configure the NI 9402. Right-click the NI 9402 in the Project Explorer window and select Properties to display this dialog box. You can configure the following options.

  • Name—Specifies the name of the C Series module, which appears in the Project Explorer window. LabVIEW assigns a default name to the module based on the slot number. You can use this field to give the module a descriptive name.
  • Module Type—Specifies the type of C Series module. You cannot change this value.
  • Location—Specifies a slot in the chassis for the C Series module.
  • Channels—Specifies the channel(s) for which you want to configure settings.
  • Direction—Specifies the initial line direction of the selected channel(s) as input or output.

Specialty Digital Configuration

You can use the Specialty Digital Configuration page of the C Series Module Properties dialog box to configure channels of this module for counter input, counter-driven output, pulse-width modulation output, or quadrature input.


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