C Series Module IDs

NI CompactRIO Device Drivers Help

Edition Date: December 2017

Part Number: 373197L-01

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You can use the Module ID property with the FPGA I/O Property Node to read the IDs associated with C Series modules. You also can wire a reference to a module in Scan Interface mode to a generic-class property node in a VI block diagram, and select the ProductID property to read the ID programmatically. Note that the ProductID output will be displayed in decimal by default, and the following IDs are in hexadecimal.


ID Module
0x709C NI 9435
0x709D NI 9411
0x709E NI 9423
0x709F NI 9421 with screw terminal
0x70A0 NI 9474
0x70A1 NI 9472 with screw terminal
0x70A2 NI 9481
0x70A3 NI 9211
0x70A4 NI 9201
0x70A5 NI 9221
0x70A6 NI 9215 with screw terminal
0x70A7 NI 9263
0x7129 NI 9203
0x712A NI 9205 with DSUB
0x712B NI 9217
0x712C NI 9265
0x712E NI 9421 with DSUB
0x712F NI 9425
0x7130 NI 9401
0x7131 NI 9403
0x7132 NI 9472 with DSUB
0x7133 NI 9476
0x7134 NI 9802
0x7135 NI 9215 with BNC
0x714F NI 9853
0x71A1 NI 9201 with DSUB
0x71A2 NI 9221 with DSUB
0x71C2 NI 9239
0x71C3 NI 9237 with RJ-50
0x71CA NI 9422
0x71CB NI 9477
0x71EA NI 9205 with spring terminal
0x71EB NI 9206
0x71ED NI 9505
0x71F3 NI 9852
0x71F6 NI 9485
0x72B5 NI 9234
0x72F6 NI 9264
0x72FD NI 9229
0x7304 NI 9375
0x7305 NI 9870
0x7306 NI 9871
0x730C NI 9219
0x731A NI 9478
0x7328 NI 9402
0x732A NI 9235
0x732B NI 9236
0x736A NI 9426
0x7367 NI 9239 with BNC
0x7368 NI 9229 with BNC
0x7377 NI 9475
0x7383 NI 9225
0x73A4 NI 9237 with DSUB
0x73E0 NI 9220
0x7408 NI 9225E
0x7409 NI 9481E
0x740A NI 9211E
0x740B NI 9203E
0x740C NI 9403E
0x740D NI 9215E
0x7415 NI 9269
0x7416 NI 9227
0x741C NI 9239E
0x741D NI 9229E
0x741E NI 9263E
0x741F NI 9237E
0x743A NI 9213E
0x743B NI 9478E
0x743F NI 9870E
0x7440 NI 9871E
0x7441 NI 9219E
0x7442 NI 9265E
0x7445 NI 9222
0x7446 NI 9222E
0x7447 NI 9264E
0x7449 NI 9213
0x744B NI 9205E
0x744C NI 9227E
0x744D NI 9269E
0x745D NI 9215E with BNC
0x747A NI 9375 with DSUB
0x749B NI 9201E with screw terminal
0x749C NI 9221E with screw terminal
0x749D NI 9201E with DSUB
0x749E NI 9221E with DSUB
0x74A1 NI 9505E
0x74AA NI 9207E with DSUB
0x74AB NI 9208E with DSUB
0x74AC NI 9208 with DSUB
0x74AD NI 9207 with DSUB
0x74EC NI 9223
0x74ED NI 9223E
0x74EE NI 9214
0x753F NI 9232
0x7615 NI 9220 with DSUB
0x7642 NI 9381
0x76E3 NI 9482
0x76E8 NI 9244
0x77EA NI 9250
0x77B8 NI 9247
0x77C5 NI 9344
0x77CC NI 9230
0x77E3 NI 9246
0x77E9 NI 9251
0x777E NI 9361
0x7786 NI 9260 with BNC
0x778C NI 9260 with mini XLR
0x780D NI 9224
0x780E NI 9228
0x7827 NI 9770
0x7889 NI 9775
0x788A NI 9202 with DSUB
0x788C NI 9202 with spring terminal
0x788F NI 9266
0x78B1 NI 9210
0x78B6 NI 9262 with DSUB
0x7930 NI 9231

By Module

Module ID
NI 9201 0x70A4
NI 9201 with DSUB 0x71A1
NI 9201E with DSUB 0x749D
NI 9201E with screw terminal 0x749B
NI 9202 with DSUB 0x788A
NI 9202 with spring terminal 0x788C
NI 9203 0x7129
NI 9203E 0x740B
NI 9205 with DSUB 0x712A
NI 9205 with spring terminal 0x71EA
NI 9205E 0x744B
NI 9206 0x71EB
NI 9207 with DSUB 0x74AD
NI 9207E with DSUB 0x74AA
NI 9208 with DSUB 0x74AC
NI 9208E with DSUB 0x74AB
NI 9210 0x78B1
NI 9211 0x70A3
NI 9211E 0x740A
NI 9213 0x7449
NI 9213E 0x743A
NI 9214 0x74EE
NI 9215 with BNC 0x7135
NI 9215 with screw terminal 0x70A6
NI 9215E with BNC 0x745D
NI 9215E with screw terminal 0x740D
NI 9217 0x712B
NI 9219 0x730C
NI 9219E 0x7441
NI 9220 0x73E0
NI 9220 with DSUB 0x7615
NI 9221 0x70A5
NI 9221 with DSUB 0x71A2
NI 9221E with DSUB 0x749E
NI 9221E with screw terminal 0x749C
NI 9222 0x7445
NI 9222E 0x7446
NI 9223 0x74EC
NI 9223E 0x74ED
NI 9224 0x780D
NI 9225 0x7383
NI 9225E 0x7408
NI 9227 0x7416
NI 9227E 0x744C
NI 9228 0x780E
NI 9229 0x72FD
NI 9229E 0x741D
NI 9229 with BNC 0x7368
NI 9230 0x77CC
NI 9231 0x7930
NI 9232 0x753F
NI 9234 0x72B5
NI 9235 0x732A
NI 9236 0x732B
NI 9237 with DSUB 0x73A4
NI 9237 with RJ-50 0x71C3
NI 9237E 0x741F
NI 9239 0x71C2
NI 9239E 0x741C
NI 9239 with BNC 0x7367
NI 9244 0x76E8
NI 9246 0x77E3
NI 9247 0x77B8
NI 9250 0x77EA
NI 9251 0x77E9
NI 9260 with BNC 0x7786
NI 9260 with mini XLR 0x778C
NI 9262 with DSUB 0x78B6
NI 9263 0x70A7
NI 9263E 0x741E
NI 9264 0x72F6
NI 9264E 0x7447
NI 9265 0x712C
NI 9265E 0x7442
NI 9266 0x788F
NI 9269 0x7415
NI 9269E 0x744D
NI 9344 0x77C5
NI 9361 0x777E
NI 9375 0x7304
NI 9375 with DSUB 0x747A
NI 9381 0x7642
NI 9401 0x7130
NI 9402 0x7328
NI 9403 0x7131
NI 9403E 0x740C
NI 9411 0x709D
NI 9421 with DSUB 0x712E
NI 9421 with screw terminal 0x709F
NI 9422 0x71CA
NI 9423 0x709E
NI 9425 0x712F
NI 9426 0x736A
NI 9435 0x709C
NI 9472 with DSUB 0x7132
NI 9472 with screw terminal 0x70A1
NI 9474 0x70A0
NI 9475 0x7377
NI 9476 0x7133
NI 9477 0x71CB
NI 9478 0x731A
NI 9478E 0x743B
NI 9481 0x70A2
NI 9481E 0x7409
NI 9482 0x76E3
NI 9485 0x71F6
NI 9505 0x71ED
NI 9505E 0x74A1
NI 9770 0x7827
NI 9775 0x7889
NI 9802 0x7134
NI 9852 0x71F3
NI 9853 0x714F
NI 9870 0x7305
NI 9870E 0x743F
NI 9871 0x7306
NI 9871E 0x7440


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